February 3, 2011 Committee Meeting

The Reorganization Committee met at the Whitestown Town Hall, 6320 S. Cozy Lane.

We discussed the current responsibilities and the possible effects of a reorganization with Sheriff Ken Campbell and Chief Deputy Major Mike Nielsen of the Boone County Sheriff’s Office and with Chief Dennis Anderson of the Whitestown Police Department.  Manuel Navarro of the Whitestown Fire Department was not able to attend the meeting.  However, we had discussed the fire department responsibilities and future planning at a previous meeting.

We would like to have more input from the public at our meetings.  We have formed six subcommittees (Government Organization and Finance, Utilities and Public Works, Public Safety, Planning and Zoning, Roads and Transportation, and Civic and Social Services).  If you are interested in serving on a subcommittee, please contact us at wtwtreorg@gmail.com.

The next meeting will be February 17, 2011 at the Whitestown Town Hall, 6320 S. Cozy Lane.  We will be discussing issues pertaining to Government Organization and Finance.  We would like to see you there.

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