April 7, 2011 Committee Meeting

The Reorganization Committee met at the Whitestown Town Hall, 6320 S. Cozy Lane to continue our discussion on Roads and Transportation and to discuss Utilities and Public Works and Civic and Social Services.

We received a presentation from Sue Ritz of the Boone Area Transit System regarding the transportation services the agency provides.  Jason Lawson of Whitestown Utilities informed us of the role and usage of utilities within Whitestown.  Finally, Paul Carpenter-Wilson led discussion of the civic and social services available through Worth Township and through Whitestown.

The next meeting will be April 21, 2011 at the Whitestown Town Hall, 6320 S. Cozy Lane.  The discussion will pertain to Planning and Zoning.  This will be the last of our information gathering sessions.  In May, we intend to begin discussing and building the different sections of the reorganization plan.

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