September 1, 2011 Committee Meeting

A general outline of the plan was given to the Worth Township Advisory Board on August 25, 2011.  We addressed some of their concerns with the transition period.  It is expected that a general outline will be presented to the Whitestown Town Council at its September 13 meeting.  It is also expected that the formal plan will be submitted to the individual governing bodies at their September and October meetings respectively.

There was quite a bit of discussion regarding the possible property tax impact of the reorganization.  Analyses completed by the Worth Township Trustee and the Reorganization Committee indicated that the impact on Worth Township residents may be more significant than expected.  There is still discussion of the completion of a formal fiscal impact analysis through an outside entity.

Our next meeting will be September 15, 2011.  We will discuss any concerns brought forth by the Whitestown Town Council and continue to discuss the possible property tax implications.

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